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DJ Shadow
Excessive Ephemera
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Original release date - December 9th 2005
Limited Edition Double-LP of 1500 non-numbered copies.

I recall the very first time I heard it. I was driving through the Mojave for no other reason than to escape the rigors of Los Angeles. It got to be late afternoon and I’d been on the road all day. I felt exhausted, so I pulled into a motel and grabbed a room. I took off my clothes, dragged myself into bed and fell into a deep and dreamless sleep. After what seemed like days, I awoke, showered, checked out and got back on the highway. But somehow, for some reason I couldn’t fathom, it was getting darker and darker. At first I thought it was bad weather rolling in, but then, to my amazement, I realized what was happening: I had been asleep only a few hours and had gotten up and checked out of the motel the same day I had checked in. And now night was coming on. I drove on, passing campers filled with families obviously excited about their plans for the weekend. They had no idea I was watching them. I could only imagine what it would be like to play the alphabet game or call out license plates from all the different states. I could only imagine fighting over who would sit by the window and who would get the last of the potato chips. All these people were about to have the time of their lives at a carefully chosen destination, and here I was, completely lost. Just then I remembered I had a CD with me that I’d gotten a few days before but hadn’t had a chance to get to. I’d read a few things about it that made it sound interesting, but I had few preconceptions. I put it on and listened to it all the way through. Then I played it again. And again and again. Endtroducing… transported me. Like the White Album, it transports me still.

That’s music journalist Eliot Wilder describing the first time he heard DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing… . Issued in late 1996 – a time when music was being subdivided, compartmentalized and neatly wrapped – it stood apart, uniquely alone, as an indefinable musical opus. For a generation, it became their White Album.

In June 2005, Endtroducing… was revisited, appended with a bonus CD disc of remixes and demos, selected by Shadow. Now, Mo’Wax/Island and proudly offer that bonus music as a limited edition double-LP set. Featuring an alternate shot of Endtroducing…’s famed cover and Shadow’s personal recollections of each track, Excessive Ephemera is a vital collection for the Shadow fan. Think of it as a personal tour of Shadow’s crates.

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