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Burt Bacharach
Something Big: The Complete A&M Years...And More
Disc 01
1. Reach Out For Me 
2. Alfie 
3. Bond Street 
4. Are You There (With Another Girl) 
5. What The World Needs Now Is Love 
6. The Look Of Love 
7. A House Is Not A Home 
8. I Say A Little Prayer 
9. The Windows Of The World 
10. Lisa 
11. Message To Michael 
12. The Bell That Couldn't Jingle 
13. Promises, Promises 
14. I'll Never Fall In Love Again 
15. Knowing When To Leave 
16. Any Day Now 
17. Wanting Things 
18. Who Ever You Are I Love You 
19. Make It Easy On Yourself 
20. Do You Know The Way To San Jose 
21. Pacific Coast Highway 
22. She's Gone Away 
23. This Guy's In Love With You 
Disc 02
1. Mexican Divorce 
2. (They Long To Be) Close To You 
3. Nikki 
4. Wives And Lovers 
5. All Kinds Of People 
6. And The People Were With Her (suite for orchestra) 
7. April Fools 
8. Hasbrook Heights 
9. Freefall 
10. One Less Bell To Answer 
11. Something Big 
12. Monterey Penninsila 
13. I Come To You 
14. Walk The Way You Talk 
15. The Balance Of Nature 
16. Living Together, Growing Together 
17. Reflections 
18. Lost Horizon 
19. Lost Ago Tomorrow 
20. I Might Frighten Her Away 
21. I Took My Strength From You (I Had More) 
Disc 03
1. Futures 
2. Us 
3. Where Are You? 
4. We Should Have Met Sooner 
5. No One Remembers My Name 
6. TheYoung Grow Younger Every Day 
7. Another Spring Will Rise 
8. Seconds 
9. When You Bring Your Sweet Love To Me 
10. Time And Tenderness 
11. Summer Of '77 
12. Woman 
13. Riverboat 
14. Magdalena 
15. New York Lady 
16. There Is Time 
17. The Dancing Fool 
18. I Live In The Woods 
Disc 04
1. The Sundance Kid 
2. Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head 
3. Not Going Home Anymore 
4. South American Getaway 
5. Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head 
6. On A Bicycle Built For Joy 
7. Come Touch The Sun 
8. The Old Fun City (N.Y. Sequence) 
9. Not Going Home Anymore (Reprise) 
10. Etta's Theme 
11. Alfie/Do You Know The Way To San Jose (Live) 
12. Walk On By (Live) 
13. Come Touch The Sun (Live) 
14. Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head (Live) 
15. The Look Of Love (Live) 
16. Medley: Don't Make Me Over/Anyone Who Had A Heart/What's New, Pussycat/Wives An Lovers/24 Hours From 
17. This Guy's In Love With You (Live) 
18. I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Live) 
19. (They Long To Be) Close To You (Live) 
20. Bond Street (Live) 
21. A House Is Not A Home (Live) 
22. Alfie (Live) 
23. What The World Needs Now Is Love (Live) 
24. Promises, Promises (Live) 
25. What The World Needs Now Is Love (Reprise) (Live) 
Disc 05
1. Saturday Sunshine 
2. And So Goodbye, My Love 
3. Don't Make Me Over 
4. Walk On By 
5. Don't Go Breaking My Heart 
6. Blue On Blue 
7. The Last One To Be Loved 
8. (There's) Always Something There To Remind Me 
9. 24 Hours From Tulsa 
10. Trains Boats and Planes 
11. Wives And Lovers 
12. Saturday Sunshine 
13. A House Is Not A Home 
14. Anyone Who Had A Heart 
15. What's New Pussycat 
16. My Little Red Book (All I Do Is Talk About You) 
17. After The Fox 
18. Nikki 
19. Juanita's Place 
20. Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do) 
21. That's What Friends Are For 
22. Love Theme From Arthur 
Price: $99.98
CD Edition limited to 5000 non-numbered limited edition copies.

Long before Mike Myers’ Austin Powers character idolized him on film, Burt Bacharach was the quintessential golden boy of pop music. He studied with French composer Darius Milhaud (as had jazz legend Dave Brubeck), he backed up Marlene Dietrich (something Brubeck didn’t). He composed hit after hit after hit after hit for movies and singers; he pretty much launched Dionne Warwick single-handedly (well, double-handedly, with the help of lyricist Hal David). He was where everyone wanted to be, with everyone that everyone wanted to be with, making the scene and making the scene his.

How do you fit all that musical goodness into five compact discs?


Our collection is Burt being Burt, occasionally with a guest vocal where called for, but mostly the man in his own voice, conducting and playing and just generally being his luminous self. Scan the track list for song titles you don’t know; there won’t be all that many. It’s impossible to believe that the man is three quarters of a century old, yet this collection dates back to the early Sixties, and bookends his performing career on one end with his Kapp recordings and on the other with A&M masters.

Lotsa rare and previously-unreleased recordings, amazing liner notes by Lauren Oliver, Phil Ramone and Richard Carpenter, incredible photos and much love went into this big bouquet for America’s premier pop songwriter of the last half-century. Yeah, baby!

Part of a series of high quality limited edition foil stamped 7-3/4" x 6-1/4" cloth bound books.

Hip-Ocrates Says...

DID YOU KNOW? Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones appear as session musicians on Burt’s Hit Maker! album from 1965.


Price: $99.98