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James Brown
The Complete James Brown Christmas
Disc One*
1. Letís Make Christmas Mean Something This Year  
2. Sweet Little Baby Boy (Parts 1 & 2)  
3. Merry Christmas, I Love You  
4. Signs Of Christmas  
5. The Christmas Song (Version 2)  
6. Merry Christmas Baby 
7. The Christmas Song (Version 1)  
8. Please Come Home For Christmas  
9. This Is My Lonely Christmas (Part 1)  
10. This Is My Lonely Christmas (Part 2)  
11. Christmas In Heaven  
12. Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto  
13. Santa Claus, Santa Claus  
14. Believers Shall Enjoy (Non Believers Shall Suffer)  
15. Soulful Christmas  
16. Tit For Tat (Ainít No Taking Back)  
17. Christmas Is Coming  
18. Say It Loud Ė Iím Black And Iím Proud (Parts 1 & 2)  
19. In The Middle  
20. Letís Unite The Whole World At Christmas  
21. You Know It  
22. Santa Claus Gave Me A Brand New Start  
Disc Two**
1. Hey America 
2. A Lonely Little Boy Around One Little Christmas Toy 
3. Go Power At Christmas Time 
4. Christmas Is Love 
5. Santa Claus Is Definitely Here To Stay 
6. My Rapp  
7. Iím Your Christmas Friend, Donít Be Hungry  
8. Merry Christmas My Baby And A Very, Very, Happy New Year 
9. Itís Christmas Time (Part 1)* 
10. Itís Christmas Time (Part 2)* 
11. You Know It Single Version  
12. Believers Shall Enjoy (Non Believers Shall Suffer) Single Version  
13. Hey America (Sing Along Version) 
14. Santa Claus Is Definitely Here To Stay (Single Version) 
15. Santa Claus Is Definitely Here To Stay (Sing Along Version) 
Price: $29.98
It’s Christmas Time with the Godfather! 
The Complete James Brown Christmas Collection, available on, is a 2-CD set featuring three original James Brown Christmas albums plus rare bonus singles. While there have been Christmas collections that included some of the these tracks, this release marks the first time each of the albums – Christmas Songs, A Soulful Christmas and Hey America – have been available on CD in full.
            Brown’s first Christmas album, Christmas Songs, was released in 1966, a combination of original songs and cool covers, including two versions of the perennial seasonal favorite “The Christmas Song.” A Soulful Christmas, released in 1968, featured the single “Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto” and other funky favorites, as well as the only (at the time) place to get the full-length version of the top 10 hit “Say It Loud – I’m Black And I’m Proud.” Hey America was issued in 1970, with the international-flavored title track, the upbeat “Go Power At Christmas Time” and cult favorite “Santa Claus Is Definitely Here To Stay.”
            The seven bonus tracks include the non-LP single “It’s Christmas Time”; alternate single versions of “You Know It” and “Believers Shall Enjoy (Non-Believers Shall Suffer”; and “Sing-Along” (instrumental) versions of “Hey America” and “Santa Claus Is Definitely Here To Stay,” which on this collection will be in stereo for the first time in any format.
Also in the package are an essay, detailed recording information and a bevy of rare photos, memorabilia and reproductions of the original LP cover artwork.
Go Power – it’s Christmas Time!
*Tracks 1-11: Christmas Songs
*Tracks 12-22: Soulful Christmas
**Tracks 1-8: Hey America
**Tracks 9-15: Bonus Tracks

Price: $29.98