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Marvin Gaye
In Our Lifetime?: Expanded Love Man Edition
Disc 1
1. Praise  
2. Life Is For Learning  
3. Love Party  
4. Funk Me  
5. Far Cry  
6. Love Me Now Or Love Me Later  
7. Heavy Love Affair  
8. In Our Lifetime  
9. Nuclear Juice (instrumental) 
10. Ego Tripping Out (LP mix) 
11. Far Cry (unedited) 
12. Ego Tripping Out (single A-side) 
13. Ego Tripping Out (instrumental - single B-side) 
Disc 2
1. Praise 
2. Life Is For Learning 
3. Heavy Love Affair 
4. Love Me Now Or Love Me Later 
5. Ego Tripping Out 
6. Funk Me 
7. In Our Lifetime 
8. Love Party 
9. Life's A Game Of Give And Take 
10. Life Is Now In Session 
11. I Offer You Nothing But Love 
12. Just Because You're So Pretty 
13. Dance 'N' Be Happy 
14. Funk Me, Funk Me, Funk Me 
15. A Lover's Plea 
RELEASE DATE: May 14, 2007
CD Edition limited to 5000 copies
Re-discover In Our Lifetime?, Marvin Gaye’s final Motown album. A masterpiece, it’s now expanded to two discs, and includes the mythical, long lost Love Man sessions,
Funky and inspirational, In Our Lifetime? chronicles a genius at war with himself. It touches on theological and personal issues plaguing Marvin at the time, and produced the hits “Heavy Love Affair” and “Praise.” But the album didn't have the mixes or final tracks he approved, and he left his longtime label for CBS the following year. This 2-CD expanded edition includes a newly remastered version of the original LP, outtakes from those final mixes, plus a previously unknown and unheard alternate mix and lineup of the album.
But that’s only half the story: this album was originally conceived as a party record Marvin called LoveMan. Except for the single, “Ego Tripping Out,” he never finished that concept. Yet those Love Man sessions were recently uncovered — an incredible treasure of demos and alternate instrumentation that’s a beacon for soul and Marvin Gaye fans.
Also included in this limited package is a 28-page booklet with detailed annotations, rare photos, full lyrics, and two essays: one by Gaye biographer David Ritz, who provides a compelling context, and another describing the Love Man sessions.
Get into the full story of the extraordinary In Our Lifetime, a compelling chapter in Marvin’s devastating autobiography.
DID YOU KNOW… Marvin worked on the album at studios in Los Angeles, Honolulu and London. In London’s Odyssey Studios, the Who were completing their album Face Dances in the room next door, and Pete Townshend would regularly check in on Marvin’s progress.