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Howlin Wolf
Smokestack Lightning / Complete Chess Masters (1951 to 1960)
Disc One
1. Moaniní At Midnight  
2. How Many More Years (alternate)*  
3. How Many More Years  
4. The Wolf Is At Your Door (Howliní For My Baby)  
5. California Boogie*  
6. Smile At Me*  
7. Howliní Wolf Boogie  
8. California Blues #1  
9. Look-A-Here  
10. Worried All The Time  
11. Gettiní Old And Grey  
12. Mr. Highway Man  
13. Everybodyís In The Mood  
14. Color And Kind  
15. Bluebird (Blues)  
16. Saddle My Pony  
17. Dorothy Mae (alternate take)*  
18. Dorothy Mae  
19. Sweet Woman (a/k/a I Got A Woman)  
20. Well Thatís All Right  
21. Decoration Day (Blues)  
22. Oh Red  
23. My Last Affair  
24. Iíve Got A Woman  
25. Just My Kind  
26. Work For Your Money  
Disc Two
1. Iím Not Joking  
2. Mama Died And Left Me  
3. All Night Boogie (All Night Long)  
4. I Love My Baby  
5. Highway My Friend  
6. Hold Your Money  
7. Streamline Woman  
8. California Blues #2  
9. Stay Here Til My Baby Comes Back  
10. Crazy About You Baby  
11. No Place To Go (You Gonna Wreck My Life)  
12. You Gonna Wreck My Life (No Place To Go) (alternate take)  
13. Neighbors  
14. Iím The Wolf  
15. Rockiní Daddy  
16. Baby How Long  
17. Evil (Is Goiní On)  
18. Iíll Be Around  
19. Forty Four  
20. Who Will Be Next  
21. I Have A Little Girl  
22. Come To Me Baby  
23. Donít Mess With My Baby  
24. Smokestack Lightniní  
25. You Canít Be Beat  
26. I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline)  
27. So Glad  
Disc Three
1. Break Of Day  
2. The Natchez Burning  
3. Going Back Home*  
4. Bluebird  
5. My Life  
6. You Ought To Know  
7. Tell Me  
8. Somebody In My Home (alternate take)*  
9. Somebody In My Home  
10. Nature (takes 1/4/6)*  
11. Nature (alternate take)  
12. Nature  
13. Walk To Camp Hall  
14. Poor Boy (alternate take)  
15. Poor 
16. My Baby Told Me  
17. Sittiní On Top Of The World  
18. I Didnít Know*  
19. I Better Go Now (Howliní Blues) (alternate)*  
20. Howliní Blues (Iím Going Away)  
21. I Better Go Now (multiple takes)*  
22. I Didnít Know  
23. Moaning For My Baby (Midnight Blues)  
24. Moaning For My Baby (Midnight Blues) (takes 3 & 4)*  
Disc Four
1. Iím Leaving You (alternate take)*  
2. Iím Leaving You (takes 7-10)*  
3. Iím Leaving You  
4. Canít Put Me Out (alternate)*  
5. Canít Put Me Out (alternate)  
6. (You) Canít Put Me Out  
7. Change My Way  
8. Getting Late  
9. Iíve Been Abused (alternate take)*  
10. Iíve Been Abused (takes 4-12)*  
11. Iíve Been Abused  
12. Howliní For My Baby (takes 1-7)*  
13. Howliní For My Darling (Or Baby)  
14. Wolf In The Mood (instrumental)  
15. My Peopleís Gone  
16. Mr. Airplane Man (takes 1-2)  
17. Mr. Airplane Man  
18. Wang-Dang-Doodle  
19. Back Door Man  
20. Spoonful  



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"When I heard Howlin' Wolf, I said, 'This is for me.’  This is where the soul of man never dies." 

                                                                                                --Sam Phillips
Perhaps the most unique and powerful performer in the history of the blues,  Chester Arthur Burnett, a/k/a Howlin' Wolf, created a remarkable catalog of music for Chess Records beginning 60 years ago, in 1951, right into the 1970s.  The Mississippi native first brought his ferocious, attacking style to Sam Phillips's Memphis studio, and the legendary founder of Sun Records would then send the recordings to Chess in Chicago.  Less than three years later, Wolf migrated to the Windy City and thereafter recorded directly for Leonard and Phil Chess.  Within another year, Willie Dixon was brought in as studio bassist and contributing songwriter.
The result of these musical interactions was Wolf creating a litany of masterworks throughout his first decade of recording, a stellar songbook that ranged from his great first Chess single, "Moanin' At Midnight" b/w "How Many More Years," through the last session presented on this box set featuring three classic Willie Dixon tunes:  "Wang Dang Doodle," "Back Door Man" and "Spoonful."  There's also "Evil," "Smokestack Lightnin'," "I Asked For Water," "Sittin' On Top Of The World" and so on.

The 97 tracks here on these 4 CDs (including many rarities) are simply the recordings that established a legend --the crux of the reason The Wolf is celebrated by music fans of all stripes.
Accompanying this music is a 45-page booklet filled with historic photos (many quite rare) and two sets of liner notes--one focusing on Sam Phillips and The Wolf by much heralded author Peter Guralnick, and a more general overview of Wolf's first decade of recording by noted blues expert and producer Dick Shurman.  


*Previously unreleased in U.S.