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Marvin Gaye
Trouble Man - 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition
Disc One
1. Main Theme From Trouble Man (2) 
2. T Plays It Cool  
3. Poor Abbey Walsh  
4. The Break In (Police Shoot Big) 
5. Cleos Apartment  
6. Trouble Man  
7. Theme From Trouble Man  
8. T Stands For Trouble  
9. Main Theme From Trouble Man  
10. Life Is A Gamble  
11. Deep-In-It 
12. Dont Mess With Mr. T  
13. There Goes Mr. T 
14. Main Theme From Trouble Man (2) [alternate take with strings] 
15. T Plays it Cool [unedited version] 
16. Poor Abbey Walsh, Part 2 Take 1 
17. Poor Abbey Walsh, Part 2 Take 2  
18. Trouble Man [extended version] 
19. Theme From Trouble Man [vocal version] 
20. T Stands for Trouble [unedited vocal version] 
21. T Stands for Trouble [alternate version] 
22. Main Theme from Trouble Man [vocal version] 
Disc Two
1. Trouble Man 
2. Pool Hall 
3. T Plays It Cool  
4. Cadillac Interlude/Cleo's Apartment 
5. Man Tied Up/Jimmys West/Conversation with Cleo 
6. Crap Game (a.k.a. The Break In)/Getting Rid Of Body/Talking To Angel 
7. Outside Police Station 
8. Bowling Alley Parking Lot 
9. Stick Up 
10. Cleaners/Cleo 
11. Closing Jimmys  
12. Police Break In 
13. T Cleans Up/Police Station 
14. Packing Up/Jimmy Gets Worked/Saying Goodbye/T Breaks In/Movie Theater 
15. Car Ride/Looking for Pete 
16. Parking Garage/Elevator 
17. Penthouse 
18. Getting Pete 
19. My Name Is T/End Credits 
20. T At The Cross 
Price: $29.98
SITE PRE-SALE DATE: 10/23/2012
SITE SHIP DATE: 11/9/2012
            Marvin Gaye was already a hit artist for a decade when in 1971 he reached new heights with his landmark album What’s Going On. His next move? A mostly instrumental, orchestral jazz-soul soundtrack, for the forgotten 1972 film Trouble Man. The album, though a surprise to followers, was a hit, producing a top 10 pop title track and legions of new fans, including musicians who started the acid-jazz movement from its bones.
            This November, for Trouble Man’s 40th anniversary, releases an extraordinary exploration of Marvin’s creative leap: a 2-CD Expanded Edition that features not only the original soundtrack album remastered but 29 unreleased performances including alternate takes, rare vocals and — for the first time ever — the full score for the film. Until the hardly-seen film was repeated on television and issued on DVD in the last decade, many fans were unaware that Gaye’s film score and soundtrack album contained different music. They are now together, giving fans double the musical experience.
            Trouble Man: 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition follows the tradition of previous Marvin Gaye reissues, by adding a beautiful digi-pak package that includes a 28-page booklet with photo outtakes, dozens of rare picture sleeves from around the world, and richly detailed text and track-by-track annotations. The set’s main essay by musicologist Dr. Andrew Flory tells the long-overlooked story behind the album, while various sidebar and additional essays include commentary from film directors Cameron Crowe and George Tillman, Jr., and artists Lenny Kravitz, Joni Mitchell and Christian McBride.
Disc 1, tracks 1-13: Original LP
Disc 1, tracks 14-22: Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks
Disc 2, tracks 1-19: Previously Unreleased Original Film Score
Disc 2, track 20: Previously Unreleased Film Band Bonus Track

Price: $29.98