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Mary Wells
Something New: Motown Lost & Found
Disc One
1. (You Can) Depend On Me 
2. Why Do You Want To Let Me Go 
3. Money (Thatís What I Want)  
4. Is It Me Or Is It You  
5. Iíve Got A Story  
6. Guarantee (For A Lifetime) 
7. To Lose You 
8. Cinderella (Itís Twelve OíClock) 
9. When Your Lover Comes Back 
10. I Want You íRound - Mary Wells & Smokey Robinson 
11. My Heart Is Like A Clock featuring The Supremes 
12. Goodbye And Good Luck  
13. Forgive And Forget 
14. Iíll Be Available  
15. Can You Fix It (My Broken Heart) 
16. Have A Little Patience (And Wait) featuring The Supremes 
17. Free From Your Spell featuring The Supremes 
18. My World Of Dreams  
19. Your Loss, My Gain (You Lost The Sweetest Boy) featuring The Supremes and The Temptations  
20. Strange Love (Graystone Version) 
21. Prove It 
22. One Block From Heaven 
23. Thatís Why I Love You (Like I Do) 
24. Drop In The Bucket 
25. Everybody Needs Love 
26. Honey Boy 
27. When Iím Gone  
Disc Two
1. Back In My Arms - Mary Wells and Marvin Gaye 
2. All I Got - Mary Wells and Marvin Gaye 
3. You Can Dance - Mary Wells and Marvin Gaye 
4. Iím Yours, Youíre Mine - Mary Wells and Marvin Gaye 
5. Oh Lover - Mary Wells and Marvin Gaye 
6. Letís Talk It Over - Mary Wells and Marvin Gaye 
7. In Case You Need Love - Mary Wells and Marvin Gaye 
8. The Second Time Around 
9. This Is Something New 
10. Iíve Grown Accustomed To His Face featuring the Four Tops 
11. Again featuring the Four Tops 
12. Canít Get Out Of This Mood featuring the Four Tops 
13. The Partyís Over  
14. I Wanna Be Around 
15. I Remember You featuring the Four Tops 
16. Teach Me Tonight 
17. Secret Love 
18. All I Do Is Dream Of You  
19. Always 
20. A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening 
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PRICE: $39.98
In Motown’s beginning Mary Wells was the Queen: its first genuine solo star, the headliner of the Motortown Revues, whose hits are among the finest of the early 1960s: “Two Lovers,” “You Beat Me To The Punch,” “The One Who Really Loves You,” “My Guy.” And, like every other artist on the growing roster, Wells recorded as often as possible, creating more than enough for her singles and albums releases. With this revealing new 2-CD collection, Something New: Motown Lost & Found, we’ll hear all of her amazing “extra” music: 47 rare tracks, 23 of them never before heard.
Something New: Motown Lost & Found is an extraordinary, chronological overview of Mary working with nearly every producer at the company, from Smokey Robinson to Holland-Dozier-Holland, Berry Gordy to Mickey Stevenson, even the Contours’ Sylvester Potts. Among the unreleased sides are four newly discovered duets with Marvin Gaye. Two near-duets with the young “no-hit” Supremes. Sessions for an unfinished standards album, featuring a sublime set of tracks targeted for the adult market in which she is backed on a few tracks by the newly signed Four Tops. An early version of the B-side “You Lost The Sweetest Boy,” known as “Your Loss, My Gain.” A classy “cha-cha” track, “This Is Something New,” whose sublime performance inspired this collection’s title.
You’ll also hear the two-dozen songs issued after Mary left the label in 1964, now collected in one place for the first time: the seven vault tracks from the 1966 LP Vintage Stock, including Smokey’s “When I’m Gone” and “I’ll Be Available”; three rare duets with Marvin Gaye from his first box set; the 11 cuts first issued on the 2-CD set from the 1990s, Looking Back; and three others scattered across various rarities collections. The difference here: all of them are in unreleased stereo mixes for the first time.
Something New: Motown Lost & Found is housed in a digi-pak that includes a 32-page booklet, a treasure trove of rare photos and an essay by writer Stu Hackel. It’s a special collection telling a deeper story of young Mary Wells and the ascent of an iconic company.

Previously Unreleased: Disc 1, tracks 2-4, 8, 17, 19, 20 & 23; Disc 2, all tracks except 2-4, 16 & 20

Previously Unreleased Stereo Mixes:All other tracks


Price: $39.98