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Spanky And Our Gang
The Complete Mercury Recordings
Disc 01
1. Lazy Day 
2. (It Ain't Necessarily) Byrd Avenue 
3. Ya Got Trouble (In River City) 
4. Sunday Will Never Be The Same 
5. Commercial 
6. If You Could Only Be Me 
7. Makin' Every Minute Count 
8. 5 Definitions Of Love 
9. Brother Can You Spare A Dime 
10. Distance 
11. Leaving On A Jet Plane 
12. Come And Open Your Eyes (Take A Look) 
13. The Swingin' Gate 
14. Prescription For The Blues 
15. Three Ways From Tomorrow 
16. My Bill 
17. Sunday Mornin' 
18. Echoes (Everybody's Talkin') 
19. Suzanne 
20. Stuperflabbergasted 
21. Like To Get To Know You 
22. Chick-A-Ding-Ding 
23. Stardust 
24. Coda (Like To Get To Know You) 
Disc 02
1. Anything You Choose 
2. And She's Mine 
3. Yesterday's Rain 
4. Hong Kong Blues 
5. Nowhere To Go 
6. Give A Damn 
7. Leopard Skin Phones 
8. But Back Then (spoken) 
9. Mecca Flat Blues 
10. Without Rhyme Or Reason 
11. 1-3-5-8 (Pedagogal Round # 2) 
12. Jane 
13. Since You've Gone 
14. Sunday Will Never Be The Same 
15. Makin' Every Minute Count 
16. Lazy Day 
17. Commercial 
18. It Ain't Necessarily Bird Avenue 
19. Everybody's Talkin' 
20. Sunday Mornin' 
21. Like To Get To Know You 
22. Give A Damn 
23. Three Ways From Tomorrow 
24. And She's Mine 
25. Yesterday's Rain 
Disc 03
1. Nagasaki 
2. Amelia Earhart's Last Flight 
3. Waltzing Matilda 
4. Brother Can You Spare A Dime 
5. Steel Rail Blues 
6. Oh Daddy 
7. Dirty Old Man 
8. The Klan 
9. That's What You Get For Lovin' Me 
10. Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me 
11. Wasn't It You? 
12. You Got Trouble 
13. Crying 
14. Chick-A-Ding-Ding 
15. Give A Damn 
16. Yesterday's Rain 
17. Anything You Choose 
18. Everybody's Talkin' (Echoes) 
19. Give A Damn Public Service Announcement 
Disc 04
1. And Your Bird Can Sing 
2. Sealed With A Kiss 
3. Sunday Will Never Be The Same 
4. Distance 
5. Making Every Minute Count 
6. If You Could Only Be Me 
7. Lazy Day 
8. (It Aint Necessarily) Byrd Avenue 
9. Sunday Morning 
10. Echoes 
11. Like To Get To Know You 
12. Three Ways From Tomorrow 
13. Give A Damn 
14. The Swinging Gate 
15. Yesterdays Rain 
16. Without Rhyme Or Reason 
17. Anything You Chose 
18. Mecca Flat Blues 
19. And Shes Mine 
20. Leopard Skin Phones 
21. Everybodys Talkin At Me 
22. (It Aint Necessarily) Byrd Avenue 

CD Edition limited to 5000 non-numbered limited edition copies.

Spanky And Our Gang are a complete trip down the psychedelically-tinged sunshine days of the late Sixties. With harmonies unrivalled by almost any other band save The Mamas And The Papas, and a songbook that included Broadway classics (“The Music Man’s “Trouble”), Tin Pan Alley standards (“Brother, Can You Spare A Dime”) and socially-conscious anthems (“Give A Damn”), Spanky And Our Gang hold a unique place in pop history.

Led by Elaine “Spanky” MacFarlane, the group embodied the eclectic, artistic, and free-spirited feeling of the era; but with roots in folk, jazz, and blues, and with sometimes as many as six members, their sound took on a complex and multi-layered character. Their collective persona was zany and theatrical – and extraordinarily popular.

This set, completely remastered by Ellen Fitton at Universal Mastering Studios East and produced by Grammy-winning producer Bill Levenson, includes all of the studio albums released by the band, seven previously-unreleased rarities, and an entire disc of the mono mixes of the band’s singles. It also includes extensive liner notes by Richard Barton Campbell and rare photos of the band. Spanky herself was involved throughout the course of the development of the set, and is almost as excited as we are — well, maybe even more— to see this out on CD, as much for the band’s legion of fans as for herself.

Sunday will never be the same.